2018 KIT Complat software internship

2018 KIT Complat software internship 
-in the area of software development

Karlsruher Instituts für Technologies(KIT) - Complat group is looking for an internship student to work in our
software team. This position offers 530euro/month allowance and the duration is 6 months at KIT campus
Nord in Karlsruhe Germany†. The task is to adopt one of disciplines: web development, computer vision
or machine learning, to solve problems related to chemistry research, especially in the academic field. The
project scope will be tailored to fit the student’s background and expertise.

In 2009, the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the KIT in Karlsruhe initiated the formation of a compound platform
called ComPlat (Compound Platform former Combinatorial Chemistry Platform). The platform has been
installed to support chemists in their efforts to collect, store and share compounds that have been prepared in
various projects. ComPlat is a multi-discipline group, and has both chemistry and software teams. The software
team delivers open-source software tools to help scientists organize and facilitate their works.

The candidate must meet following pre-requirements.
1. You are not studying in Germany now.
2. You must be a bachelor or a master student*.
3. Internship is mandatory for your degree**.

1. can provide creative ideas to solve problems with systematical methods.
2. are a team player.
3. are familiar with Unix/Linux operating systems.
4. have a passion for programming, and are familiar with one of following stacks:
- web development - Javascript(React.js) and Ruby on Rails.
- computer vision – C++ or Python; good to have experience on Raspberry.
- machine learning – Python (Keras or Tensorflow).
5. can communicate in English.

The outstanding candidate should provide previous works/projects/Github/Kaggle competitions, etc to demonstrate
and prove abilities related to technology stacks.

If you have further questions, or If you would like to apply for the position, please send us questions / your CV,
cover letter, certificates and transcripts to:
Yu-Chieh Huang (yu-chieh.huang@kit.edu)
Dr. Nicole Jung (nicole.jung@kit.edu)

You can visit our website for more information: http://www.complat.kit.edu/145.php
† The detail time frame can be negotiated, but it must be started during the year of 2018.
* If you are a master student and have a supervisor, you need to provide a letter of agreement from your supervisor when you are accepted.
** If internship is not mandatory for your degree, you can still apply under 2 conditions: (1) you can find funding by yourselve; (2) you can
prove that you are an outstanding candidate, and we will get different funding for you, but the allowance and the duration may be changed.
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