[Call for Abstract] 2020 Teacher and Student Joint Academic Research Symposium

Poster:Post date:2020-09-25

 [Call for Abstract]

2020 Teacher and Student Joint Academic Research Symposium

[NO Oral Presentation This Year]

Abstract submission guidelines

1.     Abstract submission:

->  Online submission (http://rdsys.tmu.edu.tw/TSUAS/login.aspx)

2.     Abstract format:

->  The length of an abstract should be one page in PDF format and a poster of one page in PDF format (abstracts exceeding the limit will be rejected).

P.S. There are no requirements for font size or line spacing; only PDF files comprising no more than one page are permitted for upload.

->  Abstract content (citations can be included) should include the following items (abstracts that do not adhere to these guidelines will be rejected):

1.         Title (Chinese/English)

2.         Authors (Chinese/English)

Note on symbols: The primary author (student) should use #; the corresponding author (teacher) should use *)

3.         Author affiliation (Chinese/English)

4.         Abstract content (Introduction/Methods/Results/Conclusion; in Chinese or English)

5.         Keywords

->  Should the university logo be used on the poster, please use the current logo.

->  Please select the appropriate domain for submission of your abstract. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the award for any abstract that is not presented in the correct domain.

->  Abstracts submitted later than the deadline or containing incomplete information will not be accepted.

3.     Key dates:

->  Commencement of online abstract submission: Sep 25, 2020 (Fri)

->  Deadline for abstract submission: Oct 16, 2020 (Fri)

->  Deadline for uploading posters: Oct 16, 2020 (Fri)

->  Poster display (venue to be announced): Oct 28 (Wed) - 30 (Fri), 2020

P.S. Please display your poster following the assigned date and venue (no-show authors are regarded as having waived their rights).

->  Poster display dates: Oct 30 (Fri) - Nov 6 (Fri), 2020

->  Poster removal date and times: 08:00 - 12:00, Nov 6 (Fri), 2020

P.S. Poster presenters should retrieve their posters; the organizer will not provide assistance in poster removal or safekeeping.

->  Venue closure (poster board removal) date: After 13:00 - , Nov 6 (Fri), 2020

P.S. All posters will be removed. The organizer will not store posters.

4. All teachers and students as well as physicians and health care professionals of the university hospital are welcome to participate in the symposium.

5. Should you have any questions, please contact the following individuals:

->  For the submission process and system operation, please contact Mr. Yang (ext. 7115) at the Office of Research and Development.

->  For system problems, please contact Mr. Yu-Shun Sheng (02-6638-2736#1611).

6. Poster printing:

->  Poster printing dates: Oct 1 (Thur)–26 (Mon), 2020; printing deadline: 12:00, Oct 26 (Mon), 2020

->  The Core Facility Center provides printing services. Please contact Mr. Wang (ext. 2684) for more information.

->  Poster format:

1. File format: PDF only. Size: 90 cm × 120 cm.

2.File name: Poster name_poster size_name of submitter.

3. Deadline: 12:00, Oct 26 (Mon), 2020

->  Poster collection:

1. Poster collection date: 2 days after submission (excluding the submission day). No urgent printing services.

2.Collection process: Please collect your poster by showing the payment voucher (1) or payment receipt issued by the cashier or the voucher of MOST College Student Research Project Presentation.

7. Precautions: Please read the attached precaution.

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