【Special Lecture】2020/11/5 Dr. Po-Huang Chiang, National Health Research Institutes.

Poster:Post date:2020-10-30
 Special Lecture
Date:2020-11-5 (Thursday)
Venue: B201, B2F, Daan campus

Speaker: Dr. Po-Huang Chiang, National Health Research Institutes.
Topic: Bridging the Gap between Research and Management: Policy Translation.
Language: English
Speaker Introduction:
   The past twenty years have been served in the National Health Research Institutes, Dr. Po-Huang Chiang haven showed significant contribution in the use of information technology management in health policy management and research analysis. For those years, he served as Division Head of Planning and Development, Department of Research Resources in NHRI and developed variety research resources for medical and health researchers (NHIRD, Cell Bank, HINT, Bioinformatics etc.,). He also involved the national project for health information infrastructure (NHII & NHIP). For In the past four years, he was appointed to the Associate Director of NHRI Forum and published more than 20 policy advisory reports, including Social Safety Net, Geriatrics & Gerontology Medicine & LTC, Precision Medicine and Smart Health etc.,)
Dr. Chiang earned his Master degree from Health Policy and management program in Columbia University in 1987, and received his management position in Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center as management Scientist, This experience offered an important approach to management and provided useful research techniques. He was appointed as Division Head of Planning Office of NHRI in 1997 and received his Ph.D. degree from National Yang-Ming University, Program of Health Informatics and Decision-Making. He already published more than 60 scientific papers and 4 book publication for GIS applications in Public Health.

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