About Us



The Graduate Institute of Biomedical Informatics (GIBI was also known as GIMI) of Taipei Medical University (http://gimi.tmu.edu.tw) is the first graduate school in Taiwan for this inter-discipline field to bridge informatics to biomedicine. GIBI is committed to advancing medical care and biomedical research through the use of innovative information technology. We serve as a multidisciplinary center of excellence for research and teaching, and we are dedicated to nurturing the capable and well-rounded talent to fulfill the needs in the new information era.

The Institute currently has 12 full-time teachers and 2 adjunct teachers with combined expertise within different fields of integral biological and medical information studies. Their curriculum in theory and practice knowledge, with particular emphasis on the concept of communication and technology application level skills gives the students maximum flexibility in course selection and a diverse educational foundation to support their future career planning.

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