About Us


Mission & Vision

       Our vision is to integrate professional medical knowledge with computerized information technology in a way thatbenefit patients directly and efficiency. On the other hand we also take advantage of modern computer advancements to support the development of medical research.

The planning and development direction of our programs are to combine medical and information science so that we may become an interdisciplinary research center that meets the requirements of information technology era. In doing so, we nurture and educate talent to round their ability while adding to our overall mission and purpose. The medical informatics taught here covers basic and clinical medicine in modern computer, computing IT, IT network communications, and conventional medical informatics database knowledge that can be applied to the diagnosis, treatment, education, and literature research of other relevant fields.

       In addition to our full-time teachers whoare expects in Biomedical Informatics, we also conduct interdisciplinary cooperation with other scholars domestically and many invited from abroad. These foreign scholars and experts in related fields commit to the joint participation of teaching and mutual collaboration in which our institution operates by. Thus, there is an increase in the diversity of medical informatics knowledge sharing and research thatpromotes our domestic medical information advances. Furthermore, this rich research indicatives flourish an improvement to the medical research and overall quality of care technology for our institution and ultimately the patients within our hospital system thatis our primary goal.

Current research focuses

1. We combine the teachers’ professions together and organize one research team to handle the integrated research on biology and medical informatics. GIBI provides a complete training course to the graduates to teach them how to collect data, do data analysis, and make decisions with the decision support system.

2. GIBI has some conference rooms, two computer classrooms, and one laboratory of physiological signals in GIBI. We also handle the center of Bioinformatics Computing (BCC). There are various kinds of hardware and software to fulfill our graduates’ need.    

3. The graduates from GIBI have well job opportunities and promotions. And we also provide job consultation for our graduates. In addition, there are some graduates choose to continue their doctorate after they finish their master degree.

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