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         The goal of program is to produce the experts with the knowledge and skills to combine biomedical expertise and computer information technologies to fit the requirement of clinical care and researches. We strive to achieve the practical use of medical information that directly benefits the patients. This allows us to use the latest computer technology to assist the development of medical research such as integrative medicine informatics, IT engineering applications, and basic medical knowledge. These clinical subjects mentioned above are a portion of this interdisciplinary research institution and are studied to meet the information requirements of this era and to cultivate comprehensive ability and talent.

The educational objectives and core competencies.

Educational goals
Core competencies
PhD Students
● Foster independentresearch ability
● Foster  abilityof building knowledge of Medical Informatics
● Foster cross-cultural learning and international outlook
● Foster interdisciplinary team research ability
● Nurture leadership talents of medical informatics professional development
● Knowledge building and innovation
● Independent research ability
● Professional Leadership
● Academic writing skills
● Research project writing skills
Master Students
● Integrate and use of bio-medical, computer science and information technology
● Effective use of medical information for medical research and clinical needs
● Foster cross-disciplinary research ability
● Strengthening of medical informatics team communication and coordination skills
● Ability to use information technology
● Biomedical knowledge proficiency
● Interdisciplinary integration capabilities
● Teamwork and interpersonal communication ability
● Innovative applied research capability
Part-time Master Students
● Integrate and use of bio-medicine, computer science and information technology skills
● Construction of both theoretical and practical knowledge of the professional core
● Developing interdisciplinary technology integration
● Develop cross-cultural learning and international outlook
● Effective use of what they have learned in the workplace environment
● Ability to use information technology
● Research project planning and execution capabilities
● Strengthen medical information management and coordination team leader
● Develop self-learning expertise, innovative thinking and sustainable development capacity
● Medical informatics applications and practical skills

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