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      Graduate Institute of Biomedical Informatics (GIBI) is located in the Taipei Medical University (TMU) campus. GIBI has two research study rooms, three discussion rooms, and one laboratory of physiological signals. The research study rooms are equipped with computers, printers, and other peripherals for student use. The discussion rooms fitted up to thirty persons and are equipped with computers, projectors, and projection screens that can be used in teaching, discussion, and videoconferencing. These facilities also provide possibilities for online distance learning, and the presentation can be recorded and used as a learning material later. We also handle the Bioinformatics Computing Center. To fulfill our students’ need, GIBI has spent 4,758,678 NTD on various kinds of hardware and software.

       Office of Biomedical Informatics (OBI) in TMU maintains and develops university educational technology environment
and video conference infrastructure. One of the most widely used systems is the My2TMU system, a useful and popular student learning platform all the courses offered in TMU. Students have access to the Internet and email on campus. Additionally, there is a service desk in OBI staffed by an IT advisor who provides advice and answers any queries students may have regarding the use of computers, printers, or software.

The TMU Library offers compulsory information retrieval courses and information services during the opening hours and via the Internet. The library has printed volumes of 107,234 books and also buys access to about 84,000 titles of e-books. In scientific journals, the library has put emphasis on acquiring access to 14,837 e-journals. During the past few years, GIBI also has a budget of 1,196,200 NTD on books and journals each year, specifically 85% were spent on medical informatics related journals (including open access journals and multimedia files), and 15% were used to buy books (including e-books). Several recently ordered journals are listed below.

•   Journal of the American Medical Informatics
•   Methods of Information in Medicine
•   Medical Decision Making
•   American Journal of Cardiology
•   Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
•   International Journal of Medical Informatics
•   Journal of Biomedical Informatics
•   Journal of the American College of Cardiology
•   WebMD Scientific American Medicine

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