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202_7f331247.jpgAsia's first Institute of Medical Informatics to pass IMIA Accreditation ! 
The Graduate Institute of Biomedical Informatics (GIBI was known as GIMI) of Taipei Medical University is the first graduate school in Taiwan for this inter-discipline field to bridge informatics to biomedicine. Our vision is to integrate professional medical knowledge with computerized information technology in such ways where, on the one hand, the effective use of medical information can directly benefit patients; and on the other hand, where the latest computer technologies could support the development of medical research. GIBI is dedicated to joining fields such as information technology, applied engineering, basic biomedical science, and clinical medicine, where we serve as a multidisciplinary center of excellence for research and teaching, and where we are able to nurture capable and well-rounded talent to meet the needs of the new information era.

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