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      The field of medical information where the focus on clinical informatics (Clinical Informatics) and Basic Medical Informatics (Fundamental Medical Informatics) of the study.

      Clinical Informatics is the study of effective use of information and related technology theory and methods to smooth patient care operations, improve quality of care, reduce care costs, and assist clinical research and medical education. At present the study of clinical information where the themes are: the National Health Information Infrastructure (National Health Information Intrastructure, NHII), patient safety information systems (Patient Safety Information System), electronic medical records (Electronic Health Record - EHR), medical data mining (Medical Data Mining), medical decision support system (Medical Decision Support Systems), Medical Information Standards (Medical Information Standards), Consumer Health Information Science (Consumer Health Informatics).

      In view of patient safety awareness and the growing demand for home care, the development of the respective patient safety information center and remote devices and home care information integration centers to meet the patient in the hospital and the full range of care after leaving the hospital. Also in response to the needs of individual patients, the patients' health information research and development, application of information technology provide patients with tailored health education, drug treatment guidance, and communicate, to remind the patient's self-health maintenance.

      Content-based medical information including biomedical research databases and microarray data analysis and exploration of, sequence analysis, protein interaction prediction, genetic diseases and molecular pathology database fixed database model to study the development and application of biomedical imaging technology integration of information technology and public health. The ongoing research of a medical image management and processing system (Picture Archiving and Communication System, Medical Imaging Processing), medical diagnostic imaging systems and endoscopic image data (Medical Diagnostic Image Systems and Endoscopy Image Databases), biomedical signal processing and Analysis (Biomedical Signal Processing and Analysis) and neuroimaging analysis (Neuroimage analysis), biomedical imaging in brain research will also have an important contribution to the will of the two affiliated hospitals, to continue to strengthen the medical MRI and PET, etc. Imaging studies. Sponsored by CDC and the use of hospital information systems integration in the epidemic reporting and database building, and Outbreak Communications standardization research projects. In both, based on the further development of real-time detection of epidemic outbreaks, and outbreaks of computer algorithms predict method.

      In recent years, school-related R & D team has been considerable in this field of research, the current focus of research conducted ︰

(1) and the U.S. NIH (National Institutes of Health) cooperation:

      The Institute in June 1995 invited the U.S. NIH scholar Dr. Yang C. Fann.This led to the school and the U.S. NIH's cooperation, which currently has two teachers as the NIH's Research Fellow (International Special Research Volunteers) co-operation with the NIH project, data exchange, and training of human resources and lay a good foundation.

(2) Patient Safety Center (Patient Safety Informatics Center, PSI):

      Establishment of Patient Safety Center (Patient Safety Informatics Center, PSI), with the purpose of planning the prevention of drug interactions medical information systems, improve patient safety features, safety information informed the development of the hospital network, the implementation of patient safety. Has developed five patient safety information systems, namely:

      I. DDI (Drug-drug Interaction Reminder)-cum-drug interactions prompt response system

      II. SPSS (Surgical Patient Safety System) System surgical patient safety

      III. AERS (Adverse Event Reporting System) reporting system of medical adverse events

      IV. HRR (High Risk Reminder) high-risk automatic warning system

      V. RFID (Radiofrequency Identification) radio frequency identification system of patients

(3) clinical information applications:

      The computerization of clinical information topics ranging nursing information system (Nursing Information System), pharmacy information systems (Pharmacy Information System), testing information system (Lab Information System), patient health education system (Patient Education System), etc. target of electronic medical record (Computerized Patient Record, CPR) and Medical Information Exchange Center (Medical Information Exchange Center, MIEC).

(4) clinical decision support systems (Medical Decision Support System):

      The use of expert system (Expert System) or decision support system to improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment of the optimization, such as ECG diagnostic system, skin management diagnostic system ... and so on. Knowledge Engineering Laboratory, and the establishment of the establishment of medical knowledge is based, together with the staff to participate in the system, the performance of law to obtain more in-depth knowledge of understanding, the actual participation in the knowledge engineering process, and through knowledge of the establishment, the inference engine mechanism, etc., believe that the future of decision support system for improving the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment of the best of a very big help. Diagnosis expert system is the main function in the user input data and the results of computer feedback process, so that physicians (default user), to this patient's condition has comprehensive consideration and understanding, and can not waste medical resources of the case, clearly the next step of diagnosis or medical plan strategy. The development of these systems are also taught the young physician clinical diagnostics results. More than 39 American states with similar systems of Medicine as a clinical diagnostic tool for teaching the course, the future will develop clinical course teaching tool.

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